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Yes! To remain compliant with all of the services that help us get you what you need, we had to take a good look at our inventory & how we offer it to you. Browse our new shop at hemprootscafe.comcall any of our locations or email us at

Call & Collect is still available at all locations. If you're visiting in person, please note that Masks are Mandatory, ALL Browsing is Contact-Free & a there's a 2 Guest Limit.

Well, because it is a Café! We've been working hard since the holidays to bring you a brand new shopping experience.

This budding new industry continues to challenge small businesses like ours in completely new ways. You've inspired us to keep on keeping on & we hope that you'll love the brand new concepts we have for you. Want to be the first to know? Join our mailing list & stay in the loop

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